Specialized Adaptive Golf Coach ~ Katrina Kelly


Specialized Adaptive Golf Coach

Katrina Kelly

Toronto Ontario (March 7, 2023) 

ParaGolf Canada is proud to announce Katrina Kelly as a Specialized Adaptive Golf Coach.

Katrina Kelly has been playing competitive golf her entire life. After Katrina finished playing Division 1 college golf, this Western Kentucky University Lady Topper spent three years competing professionally throughout Hawaii also working at both Ko’olau Golf Club and Oahu Country Club. She has gone on to compete in hundreds of golf tournaments throughout her career and she continues playing in local and national events.

“Katrina began her teaching career at Cantigny Golf Club in Wheaton, Illinois, where she worked at the Cantigny Youth Links, focusing on youth instruction. She has taught with two Top 50 Golf Instructors and in 2011 Katrina moved to Edmonton, Alberta, from Orlando, Florida, where she now has a large following of students from beginner to professional players,” says Todd Keirstead, CEO and Founder of ParaGolf Canada. “Katrina’s instructional methods are based on science and kinesiology in the golf swing and with her passion for teaching the game she is an amazing addition to the ParaGolf Canada teaching program as she prides herself on teaching students how to play golf to their best abilities, without injury.”

“Ever since I was a child, I have had an innate passion for helping those in need. I have always been particularly drawn to helping those who live their lives with disabilities, as I am genuinely inspired by their strength, courage, and unrelenting determination,” says Katrina. “When I discovered ParaGolf Canada, and the incredible work that Todd was doing to help grow the game of golf in this scope, I felt compelled to join in, and be a part of this extraordinary movement. I am proud to be a part of the ParaGolf Canada team, I look forward to giving back to my community, by coaching adaptive golfers, and helping them to play their best golf. This wonderful game should be enjoyed by all, and it can be, through our work that is centered around inclusivity and innovation.”

We are so very proud to have Katrina Kelly as a ParaGolf Canada Specialized Adaptive Golf Coach serving individuals in the Greater Edmonton area!

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