Adaptive golfers face a variety of difficulties in improving their game. ParaGolf Canada is proud to be able to provide individuals with more access to specialized coaching.

ParaGolf Canada is actively searching for individuals across Canada who have a passion to grow the sport of ParaGolf. We are looking for people that have a knowledge for the game of golf as well as the golf swing to host or assist paragolf clinics.

Todd Keirstead is widely regarded as Canada's leading expert in the field of adaptive golf instruction.

Todd’s teaching has evolved over time to meet the unique needs of each person.

Individuals travel from all over the country to learn from Todd because he is an expert at assessing each student’s current level of golf skill and predicting their chances of success.

He is a specialist at evaluating prior experience, health, motor function, attitude toward disability, and willingness to participate.

Todd recognizes that a golfer with an impairment can face physical, functional, intellectual, cognitive, or sensory limitations, and he has successfully developed
hundreds of individuals improve their own personal game despite these limitations.

With his passion and commitment to growing the sport of Para Golf in Canada, Todd provides a supportive atmosphere to encourage persons with disabilities to play golf and build their skills, as well as helps individuals set goals, grow in confidence and self-esteem while improving their mental and physical health.

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