National Classification by Disability Type

Currently, ParaGolf Canada has over 500 golfers nationwide that fall into these Classifications.

We are connecting with worldwide classification organizations as we understand the tremendous variability in the scope and impact of different conditions. We will be modifying these classifications as our group of golfers continue to grow.

ParaGolf Canada proudly serves members of our active or retired Canadian Armed Forces personal. Whether you have suffered visible or invisible injuries, ParaGolf Canada is committed to creating opportunities for the individuals who have sacrificed so much to make this country great. We help develop the independence, confidence, camaraderie, and fitness through involvement in golf.


Operational Stress Injuries affect so many first responders. ParaGolf Canada is dedicated to providing individuals with access to programming for their mental health. Our programming provides individuals with opportunities to decompress, recalibrate and reinvigorate from the stress of their profession allowing first responders to connect and build friendships while using golf as a way to establish rapport with their peers. 


Believing that every person with vision loss has the right to participate in the sport of golf, we understand that there are hurdles and barriers to overcome in order for individuals with visual impairments to engage in golf. We attempt to support and encourage these individuals.

No sight at all up to light perception but not able to recognize the shape of a hand at any distance.
Sight is from recognizing the shape of a hand up to 2/60 Snellon or its equivalent.
Sight is better than 2/60 but does not exceed 6/60 Snellon.


ParaGolf Canada promotes the game of golf for individuals with loss of limb. Dealing with the practical and emotional impact short, mid and longer term of limb loss is a complex and very unpredictable personal journey for the individual and their families. Whether born with a limb difference or suffered the loss of limb later in life, ParaGolf Canada will provide the necessary resources to make the game of golf readily available.

Categories in this classification include but not limited to:

Single leg below the knee 
Single leg above the knee 
Double leg both below the knee 
Double leg both above the knee

Arm single connection on the club 
Arm double connection on the club 

Arm & Leg
Arm & Leg impairment

Historically, individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing have not had a seat at the adaptive golf table. ParaGolf Canada is proud to have a classification for individuals that have this indifference. We are excited to provide learning and playing opportunities in making them feel like part of our great community.  

We are pleased to support individuals who have sustained a spinal cord injury leaving them unable to have voluntary control over extremities. We want to provide every opportunity and effort to make the sport of golf a reality for everyone. ParaGolf Canada does not believe in putting restrictions on your mobility and neither should anyone else.

ParaGolf Canada understand the benefits that the game provided individuals with a TBI. Golf requires so much mind-body integration is precisely why the sport is such tremendous therapy for survivors of brain injuries. Golf as a therapeutic modality is positive and meaningful.

Individuals with Cerebral Palsy are affected in different ways depending on the type of Cerebral Palsy that they have. Although their condition may present a number of challenges and limitations, ParaGolf Canada understands that individuals with the condition can still participate in the sport of golf. Golf allows people with Cerebral Palsy stay physically active, socialize with friends and find a fun enjoyable and healthy hobby

Historically, individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis were advised to avoid physical exertion for fear that physical activity will make them feel worse. New research has uncovered considerable benefits associated with increased physical activity. Perceptions among the MS community have shifted towards encouraging a more active lifestyle. ParaGolf Canada understands the benefits the game of golf provides in aerobic endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, mobility and to prevent secondary diseases such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

For stroke survivors who love to play golf, physical limitations are not as pronounced as one would imagine. ParaGolf Canada understands that the only thing that keeps most stoke survivors from getting back on the golf course is the assumption that they cannot do it. That assumption is wrong in so many ways. Will their golf game be a proficient as it was before their stroke? Probably not, but everything in life changes after a medical trauma. The reality is that golf courses are not going anywhere and any golfer who wants to golf belongs on the golf course. That includes stroke survivors who love playing the game.  

We strive to ensure that everyone living with Autism  have the opportunity to participate and compete in the sport of ParaGolf. Combining the transformative power ofParaGolf and a holistic approach, individuals can be more actively engaged in their community.

Individuals with Down syndrome derive measurable physiologic and psychologic benefits from participation in the sport of golf. ParaGolf Canada’s aim is to provide as many opportunities as possible through the sport of golf for people who have Down’s syndrome to lead active and healthy lives. 

We encourage golfers who are short in stature to participate in the sport of golf. Individuals who’s standing height is reduced due to reduced length in the bones of upper and lower limbs or trunk are provided every opportunity to play the game through ParaGolf Canada. Examples of conditions included in this category are achondroplasia, growth hormone dysfunction, osteogenesis imperfecta and dwarfism.

Mental illness can affect us all in some way. ParaGolf Canada know that 1 in 5  individuals who will be living with a mental health condition at some point in their lives. The sport of golf can boost moods and improve overall mental health for those who are trying to shatter the stigma of silence 

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