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Hosting a ParaGolf Canada Golf Day at your golf club establishes your club as a leader in paving the way toward making your region an inclusive community.

Hosting a ParaGolf Canada Golf Day at your club is done by infusing ParaGolf Canada members into an already existing Men’s or Woman’s Day.

Your golf club will be associated with helping change awareness and understanding of how the sport of golf provides positive social and physical benefits to people with a disability, and plays an important role in changing community perceptions, stereotypes and biases around disability.

The event has the potential not just to excite, but inspire; to show your members not just the individual commitment, ambition, and talent of the ParaGolfers themselves, but to challenge the perceptions of disability and of what is possible.

“One of the major barriers to individuals with disability is underestimating their talents. Underestimation can happen among the public, families, peers, and even individuals with disabilities themselves, especially if they have been told what they ‘can’t’ do for so long instead of being given the opportunity to demonstrate what they can.” says Todd Keirstead, Founder/CEO ParaGolf Canada.

Participating in an event like this offers so many advantages and opportunities for your club as outlined above, and at the very least, you will feel good about yourself, your team, your members, and most importantly about those who you have helped feel good about themselves.


ParaGolf Canada Golf Day Event Summary

Pre Day

  • The management at your club will provide a predetermined number (approx. 4-8) of ParaGolf Canada members that will be hosted at your facility on a selected Men’s or Woman’s Day
  • ParaGolf Canada will select the ParaGolf Canada members based on the proximity of residency to your property as well as the proficiency of golfers so as not to hold up the pace of play for your membership.
  • ParaGolf Canada members will also be selected based on attitudes which will provide your members with the best experience possible. 
  • The management at your club along with the guidance of Men’s and Ladies’ Captains will select the appropriate groups where our ParaGolf Canada members will be inserted. Groups can play as a threesome with a ParaGolf Canada member or as their regular foursome with a ParaGolf Canada member (fivesome)
  • ParaGolf Canada is in the process of working with potential sponsors for each ParaGolf Canada event. If any club members would like to sponsor this day of inclusion, it would also be greatly appreciated.

Day of

Pre Round

  • A ParaGolf Canada ambassador will be on hand to coordinate the ParaGolf Canada members.
  • The ParaGolf Canada ambassador will make necessary introductions and supply brief bios of each ParaGolf Canada player as well as give thanks to the club and the membership for hosting the day.

During Round

  • During the round, there can be a donation opportunity for players with proceeds utilized for ParaGolf Canada programming provided to a predetermined local charity of choice (hole-in-one contest, longest drive ). This hole will be managed by ParaGolf Canada.

Post Round

  • A ParaGolf Canada ambassador will personally thank the staff, the captains as well as participants for hosting a ground-breaking day for ParaGolf Canada. 

Participating Golf Courses

Upper Unionville Golf Club

“Upper Unionville Golf Club couldn’t be happier to partner with Todd Keirsted and ParaGolf Canada for 2022 golf season. The work that Todd and ParaGolf Canada are doing to bring the game to those of all different abilities is truly inspiring and Upper Unionville Golf Club is thankful to be a small part in this amazing initiative”

- Alex Scott

Director of Golf, Upper Unionville Golf Club

Cooper Creek Golf Club

Copper Creek Golf Club is proud to partner with Todd Keirstead and ParaGolf Canada. We are excited to support this pathway to help individuals of all abilities enjoy the game of golf.

Stay tuned for a great 2022 season with Todd and ParaGolf Canada!”

- Mike Ruffolo

Director of Golf, Copper Creek Golf Club

Watson’s Glen Golf Club

Watson’s Glen Golf Club is proud to partner with Todd Keirstead and ParaGolf Canada to provide opportunities for individuals of all abilities to enjoy the great game of golf. With this season gearing up to be one for the ages, we couldn’t be more excited to offer ParaGolf Canada a home at Watson’s Glen.”

- Ryan Corner

Director of Golf, Watson’s Glen Golf Club

Dalewood Golf Club

The management at Dalewood Golf Club is proud to partner with Todd Keirstead and ParaGolf Canada to showcase inspiring individuals to our membership. We are excited to do our part in providing opportunities for this great community,”

- Craig Pitt

Director of Golf & Operations, Dalewood Golf Club

Bayview Golf & Country Club

When presented with the opportunity to partner with Todd Keirstead and ParaGolf Canada, the team at Bayview enthusiastically embraced doing so. Providing greater opportunities in golf to more communities at large, only benefits everyone. We look forward to hosting these inspiring individuals and athletes.”

- Jeremey J. MacRae

CCM, General Manager Bayview Golf and Country Club

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