Advisory Board

The ParaGolf Canada advisory board is an informal body of outside experts that we at ParaGolf Canada utilize as a sounding board and to fill in the gaps in expertise and insight in regards to adaptive golf.

Unlike a formal board of directors, the ParaGolf Canada advisory board has no legal responsibility for ParaGolf Canada's governance.

ParaGolf Canada Corporate Advisory Board

Barbara Allan

Adrian Dew

Rob Gilmour

Archie Allison

Joe Millage

Mark Zecchino

Bernie Gluckstein

Rem Langan

Jim Westlake

Lesley Hawkins

ParaGolf Canada Player Advisory Board

Jill MacDonald

Kristian Hammerback

Josh Williams

Darren Douma

Tanelle Bolt

Joannes Grames

ParaGolf Canada Classifier

Lorette Dupuis

Paragolf Canada Medical Advisory Board

Michael Lenart

Paragolf Canada Affiliates

Our Affiliate Clubs do fantastic work, and ParaGolf Canada supports them by providing opportunities for cooperation, interaction, and contact for their members and governments.

We are constantly striving to work with other associations to grow the game of ParaGolf in Canada.

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