ParaGolf Canada’s programs have become a powerful tool for positive change in the Canadian golf society.

Our goal is to constantly strategize and implement new and exciting programing to include individuals with disability into the social fabric of their community and create greater social cohesion and overall enrichment in our society.

Golf has the rare ability to transcend social, linguistic, and cultural barriers. We are continuously striving to include inclusive interaction between people with and without a disability into a golf environment as the sport derives a sense of belonging to the community and is linked to a range of cultural and social experiences common to all members of the community.

ParaGolf Canada Days

Hosting a ParaGolf Canada Day at your golf club establishes your club as a leader in paving the way toward making your region an inclusive community. Hosting a ParaGolf Canada Day at your club is done by infusing ParaGolf Canada members into an already existing Men’s or Woman’s Day.

Junior Integration

The ParaGolf Canada Junior Integration Program integrates members into junior programs in the country. That may consist of 9 holes of play, or event clinics/exhibitions that showcase the skills of the ParaGolf Canada members.

Virtual Open

For the first time in Canada, an adaptive golf tournament took place with the opportunity of full inclusion of every disabled golfer in the country.

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