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At ParaGolf Canada, our programs are vital for the growth and sustainability to the success of ParaGolf in Canada.

National Grassroots and Development Program

The National Grassroots and Development Program provides an opportunity for individuals of all ages and abilities to learn the fundamentals of ParaGolf and play in a healthy, friendly and welcoming environment, while helping to build confidence and provide meaningful interaction with others. ​

At this level an individual’s personal success should not be based on mastering the golf swing but rather from the sheer enjoyment of making contact with a golf ball and overcoming adversity while facing the challenge head on. During this level we will be focusing not only on golf but on rehabilitation through the sport. ​

Working with Children hospitals to introduce the sport as well as rehabilitation and physiotherapy clinics to reintroduce the sport to recently injured individuals are a part of this grassroots and development level.

National Junior Development Program

The Junior Development Program’s mission is to seek out the next wave of elite ParaGolfers, developing them from the grassroots program through to the high-performance athlete. Golf is like any other athletic pursuit in that it needs to be progressive.

The younger the individual is the more room they will progress at a positive rate. We believes that junior athletes that have talent and have the will to compete should be provided with every opportunity to do so.

National Playing Level Program

The National Playing Level is where individuals are confident on the golf course and have a desire to develop their game. Interactions with peers will encourage a desire to asses and evaluate skills, build on strengths and address weaknesses through a comprehensive ParaGolf coaching program. Progress can be easily identified through the ParaGolf Canada ranking system while finding the love of competing against oneself and friends.

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