Junior Integration

“The sooner we expose our youth to disability, the more easily we will start to create a ripple effect of inclusivity and acceptance,” says Todd Keirstead, Founder/CEO of ParaGolf Canada, well known for his efforts to create inclusion in golf throughout North America. “The ParaGolf Canada Junior Integration Program is designed to bring about a change in the perception of disabilities, and thus generate more inclusive behaviors.”

The ParaGolf Canada Junior Integration Program integrates members into junior programs in the country. That may consist of 9 holes of play, or event clinics/exhibitions that showcase the skills of the ParaGolf Canada members. By infusing members in a realistic and appropriate setting, our players will not be viewed by their perceived inabilities but celebrated for their strengths by our next generation.

“It is important that we engage ParaGolf Canada ambassadors in explaining disabilities to junior golfers. Our ambassadors have to be the ones to determine the message conveyed,” says Keirstead. “I have personally witnessed ​first-hand how growth in sensitivity and the wisdom that emerges from the program provides juniors with the tools to change misconceptions and become more conscious, compassionate, and inclusive individuals.”

Junior Golf Development Tour Integration Program

Canadian junior development tours offers a fun, safe and competitive environment for kids of all skill levels. Tours offers juniors the chance to play golf in tournament settings while also learning the Rules of Golf, fostering sportsmanship, and developing individual character and integrity while making new friends.

Incorporating ParaGolf Canada members into one day of a junior golf tour teaches kids that physical limitations will not always be the downfall of an individual’s potential, but rather a testament to their perseverance which will shape the children of tomorrow.

Golf Course Junior Golf Integration Program

Junior golf programs at the club level are one of the best things golf clubs can offer to help kids achieve success in all areas of their lives. The advantages of a successful junior club program extends beyond physical health. The game of golf aids in mental and emotional growth, as well as the development of social and emotional skills that will endure a lifetime.

Traditionally a Junior Golf Program is a one-week golf camp that happens throughout the golf season. Taking one day out of the week and integrating ParaGolf Canada members into that day would greatly change the culture of the next generation by improving attitudes and reducing prejudice towards disabled people. 

When a ParaGolf Canada member arrives at the beginning of the day a child will see disability. At the conclusion of the day, the child will see a person. This program is guaranteed to change your club’s junior’s perceptions and mental attitudes about disability.

This is done by ParaGolf Canada Members;

  • Hitting golf balls on the driving range with your juniors members
  • Playing games (putting, chipping, pitching) with your junior members
  • Playing golf with your junior members.

The ParaGolf Junior Integration Program provides the opportunity to show kids that when you focus on someone’s disability you’ll overlook their abilities. 

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