National Team

The ParaGolf Canada National Team is where the best paragolfers in Canada have been evaluated and chosen.

The ParaGolf Canada National Team is comprised of the best paragolfers in Canada.

Assembling for the first time in the Canadian Golf Landscape, a team of not only the best paragolfers currently playing the game in Canada but also individuals who have fostered the ideals of the sport of paragolf in Canada and whose concern for others extend beyond the golf course.

Paragolf Canada

2020 National Team

Johannes Grames

Kenny Wittmann

Kristian Hammerback

Matt Hallat

Jason Swerdfeger

Kevin Delaney

Edward Urquhart

Dan Graham

Brandon Cousineau

Tanielle Bolt

Kiefer Jones

Josh Williams

Jesse Florkowski

Bob MacDermott

Kurtis Barkley

Greg Westlake

Paragolf Canada

National Development Team

Being a member of the ParaGolf Canada National Developmental Team enables golfers to advance their confidence and ability in preparation for future excellence.

This provides the opportunity to expose Development Team Members to a level of competition allowing them to development under the guidance of Todd Keirstead while providing the chance to have an impact on the ParaGolf Canada Elite Team. THE FUTURE.

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