ParaGolf Canada’s continuing partnership with Driving Foreward


ParaGolf Canada is proud of the continuing partnership with Driving Foreward in helping our Canadian Military and First Responders.

March 22, 2023

“ParaGolf Canada has always been a huge supporter of our Military and First Responders. With my years of working with the United States Military and their ill and injured personnel and being the Competition Supervisor of the 2017 Invictus Games and 2019 Warrior Games, I have witnessed firsthand the power that the sport of golf has in the lives of our heroes, says Todd Keirstead,” Founder and CEO of ParaGolf Canada. “Driving Foreward is a very unique and innovative experiential treatment geared toward assisting military, first responders, and their families battling PTSD, as well as assisting in preventing it. We at ParaGolf Canada are proud of our continuing partnership.”

The team at Driving Foreward, utilizes golf as an incredible tool in a safe and supportive environment to help teach and practice mindfulness and resilience, in order to give our heroes the power and confidence to use those skills in their everyday lives, says Sue Harvey, Executive Director of Driving Foreward. “Driving Foreward is excited to continue the partnership with Todd Keirstead and ParaGolf Canada. Driving Foreward and ParaGolf Canada understand all to well the internal battles that our Nation’s Heroes face as a result of all they experience while keeping us safe and we look forward to providing them the reprieve they so desperately need.”

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