ParaGolf Canada proud to announce partnership with New Swarm FlingGolf


ParaGolf Canada proud to announce partnership with New Swarm FlingGolf

Toronto, Ontario (March 10, 2022) – ParaGolf Canada is excited to announce a partnership with New Swarm FlingGolf. FlingGolf is a growing sport that involves techniques from golf, lacrosse and baseball but is played on a golf course, with a golf ball and a single FlingStick, and even in the same foursome as traditional golfers.

FlingGolf is a sport that is easy to start and fun to master, allowing people of all abilities to get out on the golf course quickly. Courses need to make no changes at all to allow play. Instead of hitting a golf ball with a club, as the name suggests, you put your golf ball into a channel at the end of the FlingStick, and throw it as far as you can, using whatever style of swinging motion you want. Players tend to have more accuracy with FlingGolf than traditional golf, allowing play to move along at a good pace. When you reach the putting green, you turn the stick to putt with the flat end of the stick’s head.

New Swarm’s FlingStick looks like a golf club but with a small, rigid head with a channel to throw the ball instead of a club head. You don’t have to be a golfer to or to have played a day of golf in your life to enjoy FlingGolf, making it a great way to bring more players out to the golf course.


New Swarm FlingGolf

“We at New Swarm FlingGolf are very excited to work with Todd Keirstead to include our FlingSticks in ParaGolf Canada’s Development Program. We’ve seen how our sticks can help get individuals of every ability out on the golf course and with that, we are thrilled to partner with ParaGolf Canada to make that happen for more players in 2022 and beyond.”

Alex Van Alen Founder/CEO, New Swarm FlingGolf


ParaGolf Canada

“FlingGolf is a game changer in the world of adaptive golf. ParaGolf Canada believe that everybody deserves access to the game of golf, regardless of their physical or mental ability. I am constantly looking for ways to be more creative in allowing individuals to fully take part in golf . This includes searching for assistive technology and adaptive devices to make the game of golf accessible for everyone,” say Todd Keirstead, Founder and CEO of ParaGolf Canada. “There are individuals that do not have the physical aptitude to swing a golf club, that would like to experience what this great game has to offer. Even though a person might not have the hand-eye coordination, strength or agility to play the game of golf in a traditional way,  with utilizing FlingGolf, it can be a viable alternative. Utilizing FlingGolf in ParaGolf Canada programming will open up the game of golf for individuals that have been under-represented in Canada for far too long.”

ParaGolf Canada is a ground breaking initiative that creates pathways for Canadians of all abilities to advance in golf. Through golf, ParaGolf Canada wants individuals with disabilities to become actively engaged in the social fabric of their community, and to derive the health benefits that enhance the quality of life by creating an environment that empowers, inspires and encourages individuals to strive to achieve their own goals and live life to the fullest regardless of their ability.





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