ParaGolf Canada partners with Play Junior Golf Tour


“The sooner we expose our youth to disability, the more easily we will start to create a ripple effect of inclusivity and acceptance,” Todd Keirstead, Founder/CEO ParaGolf Canada.

ParaGolf Canada partners with the Play Junior Golf Tour.

ParaGolf Canada will be fusing ParaGolf Canada members into a Play Junior Golf Tour event.

“By focusing on play, the ParaGolf Canada Junior Integration Program will be helping to build a future where people of all abilities are not viewed by their perceived inabilities, but celebrated for their strengths by our next generation,” says Keirstead. “The value of enabling and empowering todays juniors towards inclusion and diversity is extremely important.”

“Inclusivity and opportunities for everyone has always been a pillar that the PJGT has stood on, and will always be part of our vision moving forward,” says President/Founder Play Junior Golf Tour, Chris Veltkamp. “Educating junior golfers about adversity both on and off the golf course will better prepare them for a future that eliminates how they perceive disabilities, and gives them the understanding and empathy that we are all different and have special talents. Seeing first hand the determination, will-power and strength individuals who have faced physical challenges will hopefully inspire our junior members to believe in themselves and never give up!. I am so excited to begin a new chapter with Todd and these inspiring individuals!”

The ParaGolf Canada Junior Integration Program was developed to provide opportunities for Canadian junior golfers to be exposed to a disability-positive environment that will help them become more aware, compassionate, and helpful adults.

“It is important that we engage ParaGolf Canada members in explaining disabilities to our junior golfers. They should be the ones to determine the message conveyed,” says Keirstead. “This is the first junior development program that has partnered with ParaGolf Canada and we are looking forward to partnering with many more junior development tours and golf courses that have a vibrant junior program across Canada.” 



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