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Kingston Extend-A-Family Program Adds Golf To Activity Menu – Will Host Pro Clinic

Kingston Extend-A-Family Program Adds Golf To Activity Menu – Will Host Pro Clinic


December 7, 2022 ~ by Scott MacLeod

Golf is increasingly being recognized as an activity that is beneficial to all for its many traits while also being adaptable. As a result, the range of people taking part in golf-related activities is growing, and more facilities are looking to include amenities that will accommodate golf programming.

Such is the case in Kingston, Ontario where Extend-A-Family (EAFK), an organization that provides a range of support and services to individuals with disabilities and their families for the last four decades, is now offering what they term “accessible screen golf” for their clientele.

The indoor simulator, which is kitted out with easier-to-use adaptive golf equipment, is part of their continual facility development at their home base on Montreal street. It allows clients to experience golf-type activities for the very first time, and also allows those who have played the game in the past to re-introduce themselves to the sport in a new way in a controlled environment.

To kick off the latest addition to the facility that promotes friendship and community within those who deal with the challenges of disabilities, Extend-A-Family Kingston has partnered with ParaGolf Canada.

ParaGolf Canada Founder Todd Keirstead, a PGA of Canada member, will be on-site on December 15th at Extend-A-Family Kingston for a special clinic and afternoon/evening of activities.

“Through golf, we can provide individuals with a disability and their families the tools to utilize the sport to develop friendships and integrate into their community,” says Todd Keirstead, Founder, and CEO of ParaGolf Canada. “This grassroots and development program is geared towards social and recreational experiences the game of golf has to offer.”

“ParaGolf Canada is looking forward to working with this registered charity in utilizing the sport of golf for personal growth, development, and achievement of life goals to persons with developmental disabilities.”

As a not-for-profit organization, EAFK is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. They provide a choice of services and supports for children with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, and Autism Spectrum Disorders as well as a range of services and supports for adults with a developmental disability.

The programs for children include family support, respite, inclusive seasonal camps, recreational programs, and community participation support. While the Adult Day Program focuses on enhancing social, educational, healthy lifestyles and providing recreational opportunities for all program participants.

And now, that includes golf.

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