NitroGolf Academy in Langley, British Columbia partners with ParaGolf Canada


NitroGolf Academy in Langley, British Columbia, partners with ParaGolf Canada


March 4, 2022 – Toronto Ontario

ParaGolf Canada has a new home in Langley, British Columbia.

ParaGolf Canada announces a collaboration with the Nitrogolf Academy as a Southwestern BC Lower Mainland Training centre for “All Abilities”

“NitroGolf Academy is delighted to be part of ParaGolfCanada, by offering exclusive golf instruction to adoptive golfers. NitroGolf Academy is recognized for teaching adapted golf and promoting participation. We embrace diversity and inclusion of all abilities participating in our golf programs,” says Coach Nitro.

Coach Nitro is ​a Neuro Science advocate and a certified golf psychology trainer that specializes in not only teaching golf skills, but also the mental aspect of the game. Coach Nitro, is a certified CPGA and CTGF instructor and understands the level of commitment that a person has to have to become proficient in golf.

“Coach Nitro is a Level III Canadian Coaching member for over 40 years. He has studied in university to be a teacher for the disabled and has taken many psychology courses and lectures,” says Todd Keirstead, Founder/CEO of ParaGolf Canada. “Coach Nitro also has a great understanding on what the physical and mental demands of golf are as it relates to our disabled  community.”

ParaGolf Canada and the NitroGolf Academy is proud to offer its programming in Langley to serve the individuals of the BC Lower Mainland.


About ParaGolf Canada

ParaGolf Canada is a ground breaking initiative that creates pathways for Canadians of all abilities to advance in golf. Through golf, ParaGolf Canada wants individuals with disabilities to become actively engaged in the social fabric of their community, and to derive the health benefits that enhance the quality of life by creating an environment that empowers, inspires and encourages individuals to strive to achieve their own goals and live life to the fullest regardless of their ability.




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