Specialized Adaptive Golf Coach ~ Kyle Miller


Specialized Adaptive Golf Coach

Kyle Miller

February 14, 2023 

ParaGolf Canada is very fortunate to announce Kyle Miller as a ParaGolf Canada Specialized Adaptive Golf Coach.

“In August 2017, Kyle Miller gained international recognition becoming the first golfer with cerebral palsy to tee it up in a PGA Tour-sanctioned event. Born a month early and suffering a stroke during birth, Kyle’s left hand was rigidly curled and walking required him to limp on his toes. He began playing golf in elementary school, and by high school, he had accumulated 14 surgeries,” says Todd Keirstead, Founder, and CEO of ParaGolf Canada. “Even with the limitations with the left side half of his body, Kyle is one of the few golfers worldwide with Cerebral Palsy that has competed in multiple PGA Tour-sanctioned events. Kyle believes that much of his success so far has been turning his disadvantages into advantages. Lack of belief in his ability by his peers has consumed much of his career, even though he has continued proving everyone wrong. Kyle has been able to teach and inspire countless people with disabilities that achieving your dream is possible, regardless of what people tell you and we are proud to have him as a ParaGolf Canada Specialized Adaptive Golf Coach.”

“Golf offers each individual their own unique relationship with the sport, oftentimes bringing out the best in everyone. My golf career has been blessed in many ways, with helping others overcome limitations being my greatest accomplishment,” says Kyle Miller. “Creating a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for all individuals within the golf community creates a powerful community foundation for everyone to succeed. I look forward to joining the team and helping grow the sport of adaptive golf in Canada. Thank you, Todd Keirstead and the entire ParaGolf Canada Team for the opportunity”



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