Chris Garner ~ Southern Ontario Program Development Manager


Southern Ontario Program Development Manager
January 5, 2023
ParaGolf Canada is very fortunate to announce Chris Garner as Southern Ontario Program Development Manager.
ParaGolf Canada is proud to introduce Chris Garner as the Southern Ontario Program Development Manager. Chris is not only a huge advocate for adaptive golf but also a leader in Inclusion, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Niagara Region.
“Chris has taken an incredibly active role as a leader in the growth and development of ParaGolf Canada in the Niagara Region. With his strong leadership qualities, we are looking forward to his continued success of building relationships with area golf courses and the development of grassroots development programs to introduce new golfers to the sport,” says Todd Keirstead, CEO, and Founder of ParaGolf Canada.
“I am very excited to continue working with Todd and ParaGolf Canada to help improve Accessibility in Southern Ontario and beyond in this new role. ParaGolf and Accessibility has become an everyday part of the sport and by helping courses become more aware of how to be more inclusive it will help bring the sport to new levels,” say Chris. “I look forward to developing relationships and doing my part to help grow the game”

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