Arthur Ryan ~ Southwestern Ontario Program Development Manager


Southwestern Ontario Program Development Manager

Arthur Ryan

January 26, 2023


ParaGolf Canada is very fortunate to announce Arthur Ryan as Southwestern Ontario Program Development Manager.

As a former healthcare leader, Ryan is driven to excellence and committed to a high standard of quality person-centered care and services,” says Todd Keirstead, Founder, and CEO of ParaGolf Canada. “With Ryan’s passion for the game of golf and having spent 12 years working in acute care emergency response, followed by 3 years in Long Term Care, we are incredibly fortunate to have Ryan as Southwestern Ontario Program Development Manager.”

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been advocating for others. When you grow up supporting a loved one with an intellectual disability, no sight, and eventual hearing loss and mental health issues, it’s just normal,” says Ryan. “It has always felt natural for me to help others, and I was lucky enough to find a passion for that while working in healthcare. My healthcare experience has allowed me to recognize change was necessary and I am looking forward to helping make a change in the sport of golf with Todd Keirstead and ParaGolf Canada.

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