A Huge Leap for Para Golf in Canada


A Huge Leap for Para Golf in Canada

~by Todd Keirstead

Toronto, December 23, 2021


Two nominations from SCOREGolf Magazine, Canada’s largest circulated golf publication is a great leap for disabled golf in Canada and its ParaGolf Canada members.

The 20th Annual Younger Awards presented by SCOREGolf Magazine were announced for 2021. These awards are to recognize the game’s equipment and services, golf companies and industry leaders.

With founding the ParaGolf Canada initiative less then one year ago, I am completely humbled by being a nominee for Canadian Golf Executive of the Year and Canadian Business Story of the Year.

Even though I did not win, this is a tremendous win for disabled golf in Canada.

To have ParaGolf Canada mentioned in the same category of Canadian Golf Executive of the Year along with some amazing individuals including, Executive Vice President and CMO of RBC, Executive Director of the PGA Tour Canada and Chief Innovation Officer of the PGA of Canada to name a few is something that the Provincial and National golf stakeholders are bound to recognized.

To have the ParaGolf Canada initiative nominated for Canadian Business Story of the Year, with the likes of Golf Canada’s implementation of the First Tee Program nationwide, and the cancellation of the Bell PGA Canadian Open and the CP LPGA Woman’s Open for the second straight year due to COVID, the nomination really goes a long way in the growth and inclusion of disability in the Canadian golf landscape.

On behalf of myself, and all current and future members of ParaGolf Canada, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rick Young and SCOREGolf Magazine for the constant support and platform of spreading the message of not only helping to change the publics perception of who can play through the integration of golfers with disabilities, but in helping the needs of a particular group of golfers who’ve been under represented for far too long.

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